Bucureşti, Bd. Dinicu Golescu nr. 38, sectorul 1

CFR Călători, the number one passenger railway undertaking in Romania


The activity of CFR Călători represents a strategic sector of national interest, contributing to the free circulation of people inside and outside the country, with undeniable advantages: the highest degree of safety and the lowest degree of pollution. Increasing the standards of passenger transport at adequate levels of safety, comfort and speed is essential for Romania's economic and social development and for the environment protection. This unique Statute also derives from the social profile provided by the numerous facilities or tariff reductions granted for students, pensioners, veterans, revolutionaries, people with special problems etc. when travelling by train.


CFR Călători holds a leading position on the Romanian railway passenger transport market, and its' activity in figures is as follows:

  • 54.35 million journeys were made with our trains in 2016 / by the transported passengers indicator, increasing as compared ti 2016 by 1.46 million journeys;
  • over 1400 rolling stock units form the active fleet:

       -  approximately 850 daycoaches and 120 specialcoeches (sleeping coaches, berth coaches, restaurant coaches and bistro bars),

       -   approximately 120 railcars (Desiro, ADM11, other types),

       -   approximately 370 locomotives (electric locomotives, diesel electric and diesel hydraulic locomotives);

  • over 1200 trains run daily to more than 1500 domestic destinations and a number of international destinations;
  • 75% of the total number of trains are destined for Regio train services, due to the company's social profile. 

The policy that CFR Călători's management promotes and supports is the provision of quality services with a commitment to society in the sense of accessibility for all categories of citizens

Having a status of state-owned company operating under the authority of the Ministry of Transport, CFR Călători is organized at regional level in eight regional railway passenger transport branches (SRTFC): SRTFC Bucharest, SRTFC Brașov, SRTFC Cluj, SRTFC Craiova, SRTFC Constanţa, SRTFC Galați, SRTFC Iași and SRTFC Timișoara.

Through a service improvement policy, we strive to satisfy as much as possible the passengers’ expectations, by increasing the quality of the train journey, in line with the evolution of the modern world.


CFR Călători, your railway journey partner!